All participants are invited to submit their proposals before 15th September (EXTENDED UNTIL 30th OCTOBER) 2020, specifying the group/topic in which the paper or poster is addressed to. Proposals must include the following information:

  1. Abstract (maximum 10 lines)
  2. Keywords (between 5 and 7)
  3. Name, surname and e-mail of the authors
  4. Institutional affiliation of the authors (name, postal address and telephone)

The contribution must be original and must have not been previously presented to any other meeting or submitted for publication. The paper must be submitted by e-mail attachment to the conference secretariat:

The paper prepared according to the template should be prepared in English or Spanish language. The Scientific Committee will review all papers and will send the acceptance as oral presentation or poster, until 5th NOVEMBER. The volume will be published by Universitat de València.

Submission requirements

The manuscripts should be targeted to one of the topics in SILKNOW 2020 conference:

  • TOPIC 1: Information Technologies (ICT) and textile heritage communication
  • TOPIC 2: Silk Museums
  • TOPIC 3: Creative Industries & Social Innovation applied to Silk Heritage
  • TOPIC 4: Sustainable Tourism applied to Silk Heritage
  • TOPIC 5: Conservation and Restoration of Silk Heritage

  1. Language
    Manuscripts should be written in British English or Spanish language.
  2. Manuscript Length
    The manuscripts should have maximum 6 pages’ length, including illustrations (tables, figures, graphs).
    Maximum number of figures: 10; Maximum number of tables or graphics: 3; The images will be sent in high quality: JPG file.
  3. Deadlines
    1. The deadline for registration and sending the manuscripts: 15 September 2020. (EXTENDED UNTIL 30th OCTOBER)
  4. Additional instructions
    1. The working language of the conference will be English or Spanish.
    2. Please follow APA 6th Edition guidelines.
  5. Ethical and legal conditions
    1. – Submission of the contributions for publication in SILKNOW 2020 Proceedings Book implies as follows:
      1. All authors are in agreement about the content of the manuscript and its submission to the conference.
      2. The contents of the manuscript have been tacitly or explicitly approved by the responsible authorities where the research was carried out.
      3. The manuscript has not been published previously elsewhere, in part or in whole, in English or any other language.
  6. Templates
  7. Consent to publish. Transfer of Copyright: By submitting the manuscript, the author agrees that the copyright for the manuscript is transferred to the publisher.